Apartment moving checklist

Moving into a new apartment is an exciting time. But whether you’re looking for your first place or moving up in the world, there are some things to consider before and after that will make life much easier! This article provides a checklist of everything you’ll need to know about packing up and moving into your new home.

Living Space Necessity

The furniture in your living space should match the room and, if possible, be able to serve more than one purpose for a variety of needs. For example, a couch that can also be used as an extra bed is helpful when guests come over or when you want to host movie nights at home. Add coffee tables with storage under for added functionality while keeping clutter out of sight! One of the things to remember when moving to a new apartment is to save up wherever you can, which will be help you invest in your new home essentials.

If there are any rooms with windows, make sure curtains block out unwanted light during sleep hours. If not, blackout curtains may help get some much-needed rest!


Every apartment is different, but you may need a full kitchen table and chairs. It’s up to you what you want to add in. If your apartment is small, a table with two chairs may be enough for quick dinners and game nights!

Every kitchen needs a few key pieces of cookware like pots and pans, knives, spatulas or tongs, measuring cups, and spoons – the list can go on depending on how much cooking you do at home. You’ll also need some storage spaces or organizers so that these items aren’t taking up valuable space all over the countertops.

If you plan on eating out often during this period, then consider downsizing from larger appliances to smaller ones such as microwaves (perfect for singles!), coffee makers (for one person), or even just an electric kettle if boiling water is what you’re looking.

Bathroom Essentials

When you move into an apartment, the bathroom is a key room. Make sure your bathroom necessities are on hand for your move-in day and beyond: deodorant, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, body wash, contact solution/disinfecting wipes, hair bands/hair ties, razors, and more.

You might also want to make sure you have some excellent cleaning supplies on hand for when the inevitable spills happen or keep a small bottle of your favorite disinfectant in each bathroom so that it’s always handy!

If there is an extra bedroom, consider stocking it with all the necessities before guests come over. You can use this room as a guest bedroom or home office if you find yourself running out of space elsewhere in the apartment.

Cleaning Supplies

Make sure your cleaning supplies are in easy reach on moving day to catch anything you missed.

Some good things to keep handy include dish soap, hand sanitizer with alcohol for when there’s no running water, a bucket, and sponge, or extra rags just in case spills happen while removing furniture from the apartment. You might also want to make sure you have some excellent cleaning supplies on hand for when the inevitable spills happen or keep a small bottle of your favorite disinfectant in each bathroom so that it’s always handy! -Sanitary wipes: These come in handy if plates need to be cleaned off before being packed up. They’re also great for wiping down counters and other surfaces as well as getting rid of them.

Bedroom Essentials

A mattress should always be the first item on your list after signing a lease for an apartment. And don’t forget all of the stuff you need to make your bed cozy — sheets, duvet or comforter, mattress topper, pillows, etc.

Mattress: You should always look for a mattress that is firm enough to support your back and comfortable enough to sleep on.

Sheets: The material of the sheets you use can affect how hot you get at night, so choose wisely! If you find yourself sweating while trying to sleep during summer nights, we recommend purchasing 100% cotton sheet sets. These are breathable and cooler than other materials like polyester or silk, which only retain heat in warm environments. Plus, they’re easy to wash when needed because cotton fibers don’t cling together as much as other fabrics do.

Duvet Cover: A duvet cover typically acts as a blanket over the top of regular bedding (sheets).

Home Toolkit and Essentials

Pack a basic toolkit to assemble items on your furniture or take apart pieces that won’t fit the moving truck. After unpacking, you’ll also want to have wall hooks and nails on hand. We never know when and how the toolkit will come to our use.

Toolbox: A toolbox is a great item to have on hand if you need to fix or assemble items.

Utility Knife: Utility knives are used for many different tasks, from cutting boxes, opening certain packages, and slicing through duct tape.

Tape Measurer: Tape measures help measure distances, measure wall space before installing hanging pictures or shelves, and determine furniture placement.

Screwdriver set including Phillips’s head and flatheads. These two screws come in handy when assembling your furniture and fixing any small holes around your house after moving out of it.


Moving is a difficult and stressful process. Our moving checklist will help you to prepare for your move so that it goes as smoothly as possible, with less stress on the day of moving. If you have any questions or need assistance finding an apartment, go to our website.

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