Home Remodeling on a Budget

Many people think that it takes an arm and a leg to remodel their homes. However, you may be surprised that a home remodel that looks like a million bucks could actually be no more than a few hundred to no more than a few thousand dollars. With that said, there are various ways to remodel your home on a budget, and the following includes tips on how to accomplish that:

  1. The Kitchen
  • New Countertops

Cost is lower for smaller square footage required. You can affordable options for stone, glass, tile, beaded board, and ceramic.

  • Changing the Backsplash

This is a frugal option where most protection is needed, like near a sink or behind a range.

  • A Faux Island Addition

A cost-friendly feature for this includes cabinets or stand-alone tables to turn into an island.

  • Upgrading Cabinet Doors or Cabinets 

You can use wallpaper, peel-and-stick wood products, or paint to upgrade cabinet doors or cabinets. Another frugal way is to remove doors on upper cabinets to provide easy-to-access opened storage.

  1. Living Room
  • Updating the Flooring

There is plenty of DIY and peel-and-stick flooring options available. In many cases, you don’t even have to remove existing flooring due to many of these options being thin.

  • Changing Window Treatments

Your living room will gain a lot of improvement if you put in new shades, new fabric, or a combination. You can reuse the existing curtain rings and rods, and you can even sew instead of buying new drapes, for instance.

  • Installing Dimmers

You can get the right light balance by installing a dimmer switch. With this, you can switch to a brighter setting when you have tasks to do and turn it down to softer ambient lighting that is great for lounging.

  1. Bathroom
  • Adding a Medicine Cabinet

Getting an easy, budget change is achieved by adding a new medicine cabinet. You can get a new look and more storage by replacing a plain wall-mount mirror.

  • Wallpaper an Accent Wall

It is easy to use wallpaper. You can add color and pattern with wallpaper fairly quickly. And to keep the budget low, you can limit the wallpaper to one stand-out wall. Otherwise, you can try using a temporary peel and stick type of wallpaper if you are not ready to properly tackle wallpaper.

  • Adding Storage

You can achieve this by using leading ladders, tiered carts, apothecary cabinets, or other styles to maximize vertical space.

  • Getting New Hardware

You can choose various styles ranging from small knobs for doors to long pulls for drawers.

  • Safety Updates

Various small but important things are important for safety, including towel bars, paper holders, and other accessories.

  1. Bedroom
  • Walls or Ceilings

You can easily add trim or wainscotting to dull bedroom ceilings or walls. By applying lumber or trim, you can also get the illusion of wainscotting to a wall area to use as an outline. Afterward, paint to tie together the trim and wall to imitate the real one.

  • Adding a Headboard

A guaranteed way to update your bedroom is to add a headboard, whether it’s small and stately or oversize and dramatic. To buy new, they can get quite expensive, but there’s a lot of opportunity for maximizing your style and budget with DIY headboards.

  • Adding Display Shelves

Adding narrow, wall-to-wall shelves don’t require a huge footprint to fit in different sizes of bedrooms, they are affordable, and they are an easy home renovation change that is good for the budget.

  1. Dining Room
  • Installing New Light Fixture

For just a little bit of electrical DIY and a few hundred dollars, your room and ceiling space can have a more contemporary look

  • Reinvigorating a Built-In

The back panel behind shelves or the wall, for instance, are obscured spaces that don’t get much attention. You can add wallpaper or paint those areas. Alternatively, you can change the door inserts to glass and use colored film to existing glass.

  1. The Entry
  • Painting the Stairway does wonders in renovating the path from one floor to another.

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