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Adventure movies are generally exciting stories, filled with new experiences, exotic locations, and/or fantasy characters. This is a genre that can be very similar to action movie genre or in some cases is even paired with it, like The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars; there is a lot of intense moments and great action, but the sites, characters and the stories make these blockbusters some of the greatest adventure movies of all times.

As much as the adventure movies have advanced, they were primarily intended to appeal mostly to men, creating great male heroic leads through the years. These heroic, unselfish, or patriotic heroes struggled for freedom, fought for their beliefs, or were trying to overcome justice; all of the reasons, these movies became appealing to the gentler gender as well.

Under the adventure movie category, you can find movies like Into the Wild, and Castaway, that revolve around the main character’s journey, and the story is the adventure that the audience takes with these characters when watching the movie. Other types of adventurous films are the historical spectacles (Ulysses), and traditional swashbucklers (Robin Hood, Zorro, and the more modern, Pirates of the Caribbean), where action also takes a great part, but the essence lies in the searches of the unknown, treasure hunts, historical adaptations, the kings and rebellions, piracy and epic locations.

Modern adventure movies, some of which have been extremely successful blockbusters, have crossed over and added more resourceful heroes and heroines. The adventure genre nowadays always has at least a pinch of action, comedy or mystery within the plot. Harry Potter movies are a great example, because the journey is not only intriguing, intense, and colorful, but there is a little bit of mystery in the story, and a few action scenes. Than on the other bank of the river, The Journey to the Center of the Earth, and The Mummy (1999); films with a touch of humor, which makes the journey with the characters more approachable, if you want to watch a movie with a little relaxation. And the exceptional adventure Interstellar, directed by the great Christopher Nolan, has to be mentioned; the selfless voyage the main character takes with his crew, the story timeline, and the mist of mystery are the elements that make this adventure movie an absolute must-watch.

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