The Many Benefits of Having a Backup Generator for Your Home

If you have ever lost power in your home you know how can inconvenient and frustrating it can be to live without electricity. An outage can even be dangerous in extreme temperatures and hazardous for the elderly who rely on essential electrical functions to maintain their health. Perhaps you live in a rural area where power outages are frequent due to unreliable grid systems. Owning a backup generator can solve all of these problems and offer additional benefits to make living in your home more comfortable no matter what happens to the electricity. Here are just some of the many benefits of having a home backup generator from H.O. Feild Electric Co.


Probably the most common reason that is cited for making that purchase of a standby generator, when a power outage hits you don’t need to sit in the dark waiting for the service to be restored while all of the food in your refrigerator and freezer goes bad. With a backup power generator in the house, you can keep the lights on, the refrigerator operating, maintain a charge on your cell phone or computer, and keep other household essentials running until the power company has come out to fix the problem.

Home Improvement Projects

A little extra power can be a good thing when you’re mounting those home improvement projects around the house. Whether you need an additional outlet for electrical tools or extra lighting you can rely on the generator to offer a portable solution both indoors and outdoors. It can also help you keep your utility bills low since you won’t be using power from your home’s electrical feed from the grid. Depending on the size of the job, this could prove economical for your wallet.

Emergencies and Major Disaster

Let us say you live in a region that experiences frequent tornado or hurricane activity or your home is located in an area where the threat of an earthquake looms on any given day. Should disaster strike, that can dramatically impact the electrical grid and you could be without power for days if not weeks. But with a backup generator in the home, you need not worry about what Mother Nature has in store as you will always be ready to restore basic power functions. That can make it easier to get through any crisis regardless of how long it takes for electricity to be restored. You can also bring a backup generator to any emergency site to assist in helping others get their lives back together.

Outdoor Fun

A backup generator can be used for more than just emergencies and power outages. Take it along with you to any outdoor area where you need electrical power. Go camping, take it to the beach, the park, and bring it along anywhere you want an outlet for powering up outdoor equipment or electronic devices. Bring a little civilization to the great outdoors with a backup generator and you can provide hours of fun for the whole family.

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