Tips To Keep Your Diesel Engine Running

If you drive for a living, you understand the need to keep your engine running at peak performance levels. If your vehicle is constantly pulling large loads or driving over challenging terrain on a regular basis, your engine takes on an incredible amount of wear that can cause your engine to work less efficiently over time. Keep your engine running and with these helpful tips.

Clean Your Engine

Dirt and sediment can accumulate in the inner workings of your engine. Left unchecked, this grime can build up and cause parts of your vehicle’s mechanics to slow down or stop working completely. You can prevent this by giving your engine regular cleanings. Clear out debris with a brush or by using a leaf blower. You can wash your engine with water and a mild degreaser, but be sure to cover any parts that could be damaged using a plastic bag.

Change Your Air Filter

A clean engine requires clean air to keep running efficiently. Air filters should be changed regularly according to your vehicle’s unique maintenance schedule. It may be necessary to change filters more frequently depending on the climate conditions in which you are driving. It is also important to choose high-quality air filters specially designed for diesel engines. Airdog replacement filters must match your vehicle’s specifications to operate at peak efficiency. The proper air filter can reduce your vehicle’s emissions and can increase its fuel economy.

Schedule Regular Oil Changes

Your engine oil should be checked and changed regularly. Clean engine oil ensures that your engine is properly lubricated so that all parts will work properly. It also absorbs heat, preventing your engine from overheating and causing damage to your vehicle. Consult your owner’s manual to determine at which mileage mark you should change your oil and schedule maintenance as needed.

Check Your Coolant Often

Diesel engines run hotter than standard automobile engines. This makes coolant an incredibly important part of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. There are dozens of types of coolant, but only a few are designed for diesel engines, so it is important to research the kind of coolant your vehicle needs before buying anything. Many believe that coolant does not need to be checked and just needs to be refilled as needed, but this is not true. Left alone, coolant can become acidic and rot parts of the engine. Check your coolant often and flush it as needed to prevent such damage.

In your line of work, the health of your vehicle means everything. Use these tips as a guide to help keep your diesel engine healthy and running at peak performance levels.

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