Top Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing Carpet for Your Home

If you’re buying carpet for your home, you want it to last. That means making a choice that’s not only going to stand the test of time in terms of style, but something that’s going to be easy to clean, beautiful to look at, and well-made. However, finding something that fits the bill isn’t as simple as it might seem. Even if you find the perfect rug for a specific room and take the trouble to keep it clean with regular appointments at Pure Choice Chem-Dry, one wrong move in terms of style or color could spell disaster for your home’s design scheme. If you’re trying to avoid the familiar carpet-buying pitfalls, here are a few tips to trade in on.

Pick the Right Fiber

The first thing you’re apt to notice when choosing a carpet is that you’ve got quite a bit of styles, shapes, shades, and fiber types to choose from. Your first and most important choice will be your choice of rug fiber. Whether you’re allergy-conscious and want to go with a synthetic fiber rug like nylon or polyester or you’re looking for the lush natural feel of a natural fiber like wool or silk, you’ll want to make the choice that’s right for you based on texture, style, and upkeep. Even if you want a wool rug with dense strands, are you willing to pay extra to make sure it’s properly maintained? Do you have the time to vacuum at least once a week to keep your rug looking healthy? If you’re going for synthetic fiber, are you thinking about how your decision will affect you once the seasons change and things get a bit colder? Asking yourself these questions will help you choose the rug that’s best for your needs.

Look Into Maintenance

Once you purchase your rug, you’re going to end up spending a good deal of your time doing maintenance work. That means cleaning your rug at least weekly, and budgeting for at least a few yearly professional cleanings. If you want something low-maintenance, it’s good to know that early and work around it. If you’re willing to put in the work and the time, you’ll be able to look into a lot more options.

Ask Questions

Ask Questions

You’ve already asked yourself all the necessary questions about what you want. Now, it’s time to talk to a retailer and ask them all the questions you can’t answer yourself. For instance, what is the warranty like on a specific rug you’re interested in? Are there recommended care instructions? Is there a way to see the rug in your home before purchasing it? Once you’ve asked a few crucial questions in person go online and see what other buyers have to say. While you’re shopping for deals, you can search reviews and find out what your rug’s strengths and weaknesses are. You can even find out how your rug performs over time from people who have already lived with the same model for a few years.

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