Types of Fire Sprinkler Heads Available To Stay Up to Code

To keep your business up to fire code standards, you need to have fire inspectors come in regularly to check on your equipment. One of the most critical areas that they inspect is the sprinkler heads. They need to make sure there are no issues with the place where the water needs to spray out to stop a fire. Did you know there are different types of sprinkler heads? Here are some of the most common that you may see in use.


When you are in an area where ice and freezing are a problem for fire sprinkler system testing and repair Orange County California, you will see upright sprinkler heads used. It sprays water straight up in a dome shape. The concave deflector protects ice and other debris from collecting in the head to ensure you always have a functional sprinkler.


A pendent sprinkler head hangs from the ceiling and sprays water in a cone-shaped pattern. It stays visible to the eye after installation and uses a convex deflector to create the spray pattern. This is probably the most common sprinkler head you will see used in commercial environments.


A concealed sprinkler is the most aesthetically pleasing option. This type is hidden behind a decorative plate that detects heat. If a fire occurs, the head descends from the ceiling to spray water on the flames.


If there is no ceiling piping or aesthetics are a concern, sidewall heads may be used. They are installed along walls and beneath beams and are usually used to protect small areas such as closets and hallways. The spray pattern comes out in a crescent shape.

All types of sprinkler heads meet fire codes. The type you choose depends on cost, the environment you’re in and the amount of visibility you want.

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