What Are Impact Resistant Windows?

When you decide to invest in impact-resistant windows, you are making an intelligent choice for the safety and security of your home. They protect from shattering and help reduce energy bills, increase the value of your home, and comply with local building codes. When purchasing a window, looking for independent lab certification and an NOA Impact Resistance Certificate is essential. Impact-resistant windows are built to withstand high-force winds and projectiles. They have a protective resin layer sandwiched between two or more panes of glass. This impenetrable layer keeps wind and moisture from penetrating the window panes, preventing the glass from shattering.

They are an essential component of a hurricane-resistant home. In addition to preventing property damage, they can protect your family from flying debris. They are specifically designed to withstand winds up to 170 mph. They also help make your home more secure and increase your property value. These windows eliminate the need for plywood and other protective materials. Instead, they combine heavy-duty coverings with impact-resistant surface glass and a silicone coating technique to make them durable and safe for your home. These windows have two layers of glass bound together with an interlayer made of special polyvinyl butyral. Impact-resistant glass is superior to traditional plywood barriers and hurricane shutters because it has built-in protection.

Impacts can cause immense damage to homes. Impact-resistant windows help homeowners sleep confidently, knowing their windows are safe and secure. In addition to their impact-resistant abilities, they also have superior thermal insulation. These windows also help to prevent water from seeping into your home. If an impact hits your home, the glass inside can be shattered and cause a leak, which leads to more damage.

Impact-resistant windows are also more energy-efficient than standard windows. Depending on where you live, hurricane-proof windows may even save you money on energy bills. They have a high energy-efficiency rating and excellent seals, which will help keep heat in during warm days and cool air out on cool ones. Contact a local Pella rep today to schedule a free in-home consultation if you’re looking for an impact-proof window.

Impact-resistant windows resist shattering

Impact resistant windows West Palm Beach are windows made to resist breaking from a powerful impact. They are made with thick glass that is often laminated or tempered. This type of glass is solid and can withstand wind speeds of over 200 mph. These windows also have a specialized silicone sealant that anchors the glass into the window frame. These windows are certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and meet strict safety standards. It also requires the exterior openings of a building to be protected from flying debris.

They resist wind entry

In a hurricane, impact-resistant windows prevent wind from entering a building. These windows have frames made of aluminum or vinyl and silicone glazing. Storms can cause significant damage to homes, so impact-resistant windows are an essential investment. Hurricane-resistant windows also require that homeowners install a permanent shutter system on their windows. Impact-resistant windows must pass several tests before being installed on a building. First, they must withstand 9,000 wind-cycle tests. This test simulates the force of hurricane winds.

They resist break-ins

Impact-resistant windows are windows reinforced with glass that resists breaking. This provides an extra layer of security for homes. Typically, these windows are used on buildings with high-security risks. The windows are also designed to resist high winds. They also make a house less visible to burglars by strengthening their most vulnerable entry points. Impact-resistant glass is more robust than regular glass and can withstand multiple impacts and a sledgehammer. These windows also resist forced entry, and firefighters have special training to breach them.

They reduce property crime

Impact-resistant windows are an effective way to protect your home against property crime. Many burglars attack homes by breaking through windows and doors. Impact windows and doors are more challenging to break through, making them less convenient for a burglar to enter. This increased protection also helps decrease your home insurance costs and energy bills. These windows are made of tough glass and have several layers, making them highly shatter-resistant. In addition, the thick, multiple-layered construction discourages burglars from entering a property. While these windows cannot wholly replace the security glass or window grate system that burglars use to gain access to the property, they still significantly improve over traditional pane-glass windows.


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