What Makes Art Nouveau Furniture Style Distinctive?

Art Nouveau, or new art, encompasses a style of fine art and can describe a particular type of architecture, jewelry, and interior design, including furniture. Heavily influenced by the natural world, artisans who continue to create pieces in this historic form rely on several characteristics that feature in most Art Nouveau works.

Organic Shapes

Artists who make buildings, lampshades, paintings, hand-drawn illustrations, furniture and jewelry in the Art Nouveau design find their inspiration in nature. Art Nouveau design can feature floral motifs, trees, vines, and insects; in short, all manner of plant and animal life that one can find outdoors can play the muse. The approach is so deeply ingrained toward a natural bent that wood, and particularly the use of hardwoods, plays a prominent role in Art Nouveau furniture production.

Curving Lines

Because organic shapes tend to be round rather than straight, Art Nouveau favors curving lines in pieces representing its distinctive appearance. Lines might vary from firm and bold to delicate and elegant, and these lines help portray the sinuous vines, leaves, tendrils, animal wings, and more used to create this kind of artwork and furniture.

Fine Craftsmanship

Art Nouveau pieces such as Custom Design Furniture, illustrations and building ornamentation all rely on fine craftsmanship as one of the distinguishing trademarks of the type. For example, intricate wood carvings often adorn furnishings made in this technique that might feature, among other images, roses and birds, giving yet another nod to the influence of nature on the glamorous pieces. In addition, velvet and other luxury fabrics add to the sumptuousness of the style.

Homeowners who require a distinctive design for their home should consider the application of Art Nouveau to their residence’s furniture and other appointments. In this manner, the house can become a living art gallery with the addition of your favorite Art Nouveau pieces.

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