When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Well? 3 Reasons Now Is a Good Time

Many households have private well systems to supply water. These tend to be economical and offer the user some control over water supplies. However, they also put the burden of maintenance and repairs on the homeowner. If you haven’t had your well inspected lately, here are three good reasons to get it done now.

  1. Repairs Are Easier for Small Problems

If you notice changes in your water supply, such as changes in water pressure or an off odor or taste, an inspection can help identify any problems before they become worse. That’s important since it is much easier — and often less costly — to fix a minor problem over a major one.  Plus, it will usually take less time, meaning you won’t have to endure an extended interruption to your water supply.

  1. Your Water Supply Could Become Contaminated

Well water is generally considered very safe to drink and cook with. However, a broken well could allow contaminants into your water supply. Sure, you can add a filtration system to remove some of those contaminants, but why take that chance with your family’s health when you don’t have to. Having regular inspections and performing needed well repairs Fort Myers is a simple way to avoid problems like these.

  1. You Reduce the Risk of Going Without Water

If contamination doesn’t alarm you, stop and think for a minute about having no running water in your home. This is not only a third-world problem. A complete breakdown of your well could result in the need for drilling a replacement. That could mean going days — or even weeks — without being able to turn on a faucet and get running water which is a situation that most individuals will avoid if at all possible.

Ignoring a problem with your well could result in contamination or interruptions to the water supply. It can also lead to costly repairs. Routine inspections can identify problems before they get to that point.

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