3 Simple Tips for Preparing a Home To Sell During the Winter

Planning to sell your home this winter? It’s actually a great season for selling a house, since there’s typically less inventory on the market. Make your property stand out this winter with these three simple steps.

  1. Renew the Floors

Real estate experts recommend that you pay special attention to your floors when selling during any season. If you have carpeting in any room of the house, it needs to be in perfect condition prior to selling, otherwise buyers see this as a project that they’ll have to tackle themselves. Contact the experts in carpet restoration Boca Raton FL to make your floors look like new again without the expense of full replacement.

  1. Declutter the Interior

A house filled with clutter is an immediate turn off to prospective buyers, which is why removing personal items, stacks of papers and anything that generally leaves your rooms looking untidy. You also need to spend some time decluttering and organizing your storage spaces, too. Clear some space in the garage, closets and attic space so that visitors receive the impression that your home has abundant storage for a wide range of possessions.

  1. Add Some Curb Appeal

Buyers are always looking for properties with stand-out character and charm. Luckily, it’s not too hard to increase the curb appeal of your property even during the winter months. Since most plants aren’t in bloom during this time, focus on the house itself. Paint the door in an eye-catching color and add some new lighting around it to turn it into a focal point. You can also power wash your exterior walls – it’s a simple way to brighten up the whole house and shows homebuyers that your property is well-maintained.

It’s actually a smart idea to list your home during the winter. By following the tips above, you distinguish your property from the competition and give yourself the best chance of selling before the season’s over.


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