5 Reasons You Need a Windshield Replacement

Your vehicle’s windshield is a barrier between you and the world outside when you are driving. Flying debris, pesky bugs, and inclement weather would all be a distraction if they were able to hit you while you were on the road. That is why you should make sure your auto glass is in good shape. Here are five reasons you may need to replace your windshield.

  1. Storm

When a sudden hailstorm strikes, your car can be damaged by the speedy ice particles. The stones are known to move up to 100 mph, and even a small ice stone can crash through your car’s window and shatter it. When a hailstone strikes, you need a window replacement.

  1. Chipping

The most common form of windshield damage on the road is caused by small rocks thrown by other vehicles traveling at high speeds. When you find a chip, call a nearby shop about getting a windshield replacement St. Charles MO. If you wait, the chips can turn into cracks.

  1. Accident

Windshield glass can shatter when another vehicle collides with yours. Be safe and notify your insurance company to have your windshield replaced before you attempt to drive your car again.

  1. Cracking

Small cracks can become large fissures that spread across your windshield with the heat of summer and winter cold. When the crack reaches three inches in length, it is time for a replacement.

  1. Water

Whether from old age or due to a recent auto accident, your vehicle’s windshield can shift within its rubber casing. When that happens, water can seep into your car and destroy the interior. At the first sign of water, contact a windshield repair shop for assistance.

Help your car protect you from the flying bugs and debris on the road by ensuring the windshield is reliable, secure, and intact. Replacing the glass is a small price to pay for your safety on the road.


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