How to Get Started in Real Estate

Real Estate is defined as land and all the property on that land such as buildings. It is a trillion-dollar industry, contributing to 13 percent of the United States GDP. Real Estate is a very profitable industry and as it continues to grow, many people have questions such as, How do I start? Where should I invest my money? The questions keep coming. The market is very competitive and you’ll want to have every advantage you can before getting started. Finding great resources for getting started in Colorado real estate investing is a must.

Types of Real Estate

  • Residential Real Estate is the most common form of real estate and includes the reselling of homes as well as new construction. The most popular kind of residential real estate is single-family homes. It also includes duplexes, condominiums, vacation homes, or anything used primarily for residential living.
  • Commercial Real Estate includes everything from shopping malls, schools, hotels, offices, or anything used for commercial use. Apartments are considered commercial because they are building used primarily to generate income, though it is also used for residential living.
  • Industrial Real Estate includes warehouses or manufacturing property. The use of this building range from storage such as a storage unit, production, and distribution. It is important to know the difference between the classifications of real estate because they are legally handled differently.
  • Land includes empty vacant land, farms, and ranches. This is essentially any undeveloped land or early development properties.

As you can see, it can become legally challenging. It takes a lot of time to decide which type of real estate you would like to get involved with and how to appropriately go about it.

Real Estate and Investing

Buying and selling homes is something many would like to do, and this is known as real estate investing. There are many factors involved like, will the property value rise, how to pay, what areas should you mostly look for, and which ones to avoid, or when is the right time to buy. Knowing when to invest and how to invest in something takes time and practice. You can flip a house by renovating it and reselling it, rent out your house to tenants, or utilizing a short term rental or vacation rental service like Airbnb. Renting out your property is one of the most popular ways that realtors profit.

How do you get started?

Getting started in real estate requires you to gather money to invest, getting your license then finding your desired job. This sounds great, but you’ll have to remember you can either profit or lose money while committing to very long hours to keep your clients happy and completing the job. You’ll have to know when the right time to invest is and just how much you should invest. You’ll have to know everything about the market and this can create a strain on the brain.

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