3 Benefits of Professional Property Management

Rental property can result in significant passive income. However, to gain this income, you need to either manage the property yourself or hire a property manager. You may think hiring a property management company Columbia MO will cut into your income, but there are significant benefits to hiring a property management company.

Tenant Turnover

Because their job is to find and retain good tenants, a reputable property management company knows how to retain your tenants. You don’t have to worry about answering tenants’ questions or addressing their complaints and concerns because a property manager is the point person for these calls and queries. In addition, they have the capability to address issues quickly and efficiently. Because they understand the rental market, they can also price your properties competitively and set reasonable rent increases each year, so your tenants are encouraged to stay.

Regular Income

Property managers handle all the rent collection. They will typically collect the rent from all your tenants and then take out their fees before transferring the remaining rental income to you. They ensure that your tenants pay their rent on tie each month, which is especially important if all or part of your rental income pays a mortgage on your investment properties.


Property management companies typically handle all the legal issues for your investment properties. For example, if a tenant does not pay their rent, these managers can enforce the policies concerning late or no rental payments outlined in the lease. They also understand the eviction process if such an action is necessary. Landlord-tenant and fair housing laws can be confusing, but they must be followed to prevent lawsuits against you. Property managers understand these and other laws that apply to rental properties, so they can prevent these lawsuits. The legal fees associated with damage to your property and eviction processes are also typically paid by the property manager.

If you want to invest in real estate without the headache of managing rentals, consider hiring a reputable property manager.


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