4 Moving Tips for Service Members

The Department of Defense is responsible for issuing orders for a permanent change of station, transferring military personnel from their military base to another remote installation. This can be stressful for their family members who don’t know what to expect from relocating to an unfamiliar state or town. Some helpful tips can hopefully alleviate fears and anxieties.

Planning Before the Move

Once orders are given to service members, they should carefully start planning three months before the move. They should start organizing their insurance papers and medical records and schedule any upcoming critical appointments as soon as possible. If they’re moving overseas, they should make shipping arrangements for their vehicle and schedule a consulting session with the military base’s household goods office.

Starting to Pack Things Up

They should first start packing important household furniture. Service members and their families typically keep sentimental items or other items they frequently use before the move. After contacting numerous military approved moving companies, they consider moving costs and save up a modest amount for snacks and toiletries. Families with kids usually research the neighborhoods they’re considering to move into to find a pediatrician and get them ready for school.

Finding Travel Luggage

For families moving away for the first time, they should consider purchasing luggage to store their clothes and other personal belongings. Freight vehicles are ideal for large furniture, but aren’t convenient for electronic tablets and laptop computers. The process of moving is long and can get monotonous, so families should invest in luggage to store things they need on the move. It helps keep themselves entertained with social media and their favorite television shows.

Cleaning Up the Home

Before moving away from their house, military personnel should tidy up each room and keep the yard clean. This may seem trivial, but it helps increase property value and attracts potential home buyers. Entrusting the process of selling your home to a credible realtor is helpful during this time of uncertainty.

There are several other things for families to consider. In general, preparing for the move in advance will help ensure a smooth transition. Hopefully, these four tips can help them get started before preparing for their PCS move.


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