Tips for Hiring a Pool Service

A backyard oasis requires more than just a swimming pool, and your pool will require regular maintenance to ensure the water stays clear and clean. As you search for swimming pool services Sarasota FL, find the best service available.

Initial research

After you search for online and local reviews, compare your list with the referrals you received from your family, friends and coworkers. You may also check with the Better Business Bureau to determine if any of your prospective pool companies have outstanding complaints.

When you contact the companies, observe their communication, empathy and flexibility. Do you think they would be easy to work with, and do they understand your needs?

Service Types

You will have specific pool service needs. For example, you may just be looking for someone to install your pool, or you may be looking for a company that can upgrade your existing pool with self-cleaning or temperature features. You may also want a company that can add landscaping, decking or other non-pool features. Does your pool need repairs, such as coping replacements? Will you need regular pool cleanings, such as tile cleaning, chemical balancing, draining or algae removal? Identify your needs and check for companies that offer these services.

Licensing and Experience

When you meet with the pool services, verify their licensing and insurance. You should also discuss their experience, including their longevity in your market. Pool construction and maintenance require specialized training and tools, so be sure your contractor has this training and understands how to use these tools effectively.


Before you sign any paperwork, ask your pool service for a detailed bid. You don’t necessarily want to choose the lowest price. A high-quality service at a reasonable price is always better than a low-quality service at a below-average price. However, you should also watch for those charging a premium.

Whether you have a pool or want to put one in, consider contracting a professional pool service company.


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