3 Key Tips for Updating Your Home’s Landscaping This Summer

Looking to give your home some added curb appeal by updating your landscaping? Here are three effective landscape design tips to try this summer if you want to make your property the best on the block.

  1. Maintain Your Trees

Don’t underestimate just how much healthy, mature trees contribute to the overall look of your home’s landscaping. These mature trees can be difficult to maintain and keep healthy, and pruning trees is essential to maintaining the health of these trees. Due to the complexity of this job, it’s best left to the professionals. Expert tree service Norwich CT will trim trees large and small, promoting healthy growth and allowing you to keep these attractive landscape features.

  1. Add Architectural Elements

Introducing architectural elements into your garden will give your entire outdoor space a unique touch. You can find these structural features, including wooden arches and obelisks, at your local nursery. Once you’ve placed these features in your garden, train climbing plants to grow up and over them. Once the climbing flowers and vines take hold of the structures, you’ll see just how pleasing the visual effect will be.

  1. Improve Your Lawn

You’ve seen what can happen when a person doesn’t take good care of a lawn – the resulting areas of brown grass can really drag down the appearance of an otherwise attractive home. A couple of extra steps can ensure that your grass stays lush and green all summer long. First, spread eco-friendly fertilizer and make sure it gets watered and absorbed into the ground. Next, perform aeration at least once during the summer to provide the grass with the proper drainage channels that are necessary for creating a hardy lawn.

It doesn’t take much elbow grease to transform the appearance of your landscaping. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to beautify your entire yard this summer.

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