Ways To Stay Safe When Contractors Work on Your Home-

It’s exciting when subcontractors work on your property and help you reach your home renovation goals, but construction work of any kind can be dangerous. In fact, every day in the United States, two construction workers die from on-the-job injuries. Regardless of what type of subcontractor you’re working with, follow these rules to keep you, your family, and the workers safe.

Keep Animals Locked Away

Pets easily can be underfoot, so it’s best to put them in a safe place away from the renovation area. Even if you have a friendly or docile pet that stays away from guests, ensure that your furry friend is always safe by locking it away.

Don’t Distract Workers

Whether you have a crane service Lewiston ID onsite or a septic system repairman digging out a broken tank, remember that the workers are there to perform a job, so let them do just that. Talking to service workers while they do their duties can be a major distraction and cause them to miss something important. Before the project begins, ask the subcontractor everything you need to know to ensure that all parties are on the same page. If something comes up in the middle of a job, ask the worker to discuss the issue with you when they can take a break. Try not to hover over the workers or follow them around unless they invite you to do so.

Don’t Move Equipment

If you find tools, equipment or ladders in the way, do not move them. Talk to the person in charge about why you need the item moved, then let him or her do so. Subcontractors tend to work in a very organized manner and follow systems to protect themselves and others from harm. Moving equipment can create a dangerous environment for the worker.

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