5 Crucial Tips to Sell Your House Fast

If you own a house and you want it sold fast, you need to know that it’s not as easy as you might think to do it. Houses are bought and sold all the time, but it still needs to pass some time until the right buyer is found.

According to the stats, the average US home will spend between 65 and 93 days on the real estate market. It means that you’ll need to wait between two or three months before it is actually sold. See more about it here.

If you don’t have this time to wait, and you want to see it sold fast, you need to do some drastic measures so you can attract buyers. In this article, we’re going to offer some solutions for doing this. Follow up if you want to see the 5 crucial tips that will help you sell your house immediately.

1. Make it look as better as it can

People are visual beings. The buyer wants to see something beautiful rather than anything else. You can bombard them with facts about the size, materials, safety, and anything else that you may consider a feature of the home, but if they don’t like what they see, that’s it.

This is why you must make the place appealing. You must clean it up perfectly. It needs to be sparkling when the clients come. Even though no one lives there, the dust on the shelves will create a feeling of discomfort for the buyers and they’ll back down from the deal.

The same goes for the furniture if there is any inside. You must arrange them perfectly. Get rid of the old stuff. The things that are inside must look perfect. Even if you’re not planning to sell them together with the entire place, they still must create a comfy feeling for the people who are looking at their new potential home.

When the clients get in, they are going to visualize their future inside. If they see how a particular closet looks awful in the room, they’ll start thinking about how their closet will look the same, and they won’t like it. When the furniture is arranged perfectly, and create a feeling of comfort, people will see this is a part of their next home and will decide to buy it.

2. Hire a real estate agent

Real estate agents help sell a property. If you want to do the job fast and sell your house quickly, be sure that the agent will be very helpful. How you might ask?

The real estate agents work for companies that have huge bases of clients and property. They see buyers on a daily base and they offer property that might be interesting for their clients. In this search for the best, your property might be the best match for their clients.

It’s in their interest to sell it fast too. This way they are going to earn the provision that was agreed. Without selling properties, they can’t earn their paycheck. So, aside from your efforts, be sure to offer the property to the real estate agents too.

3. Offer a solution for the bureaucracy issues

The bureaucracy during the selling is extremely annoying. You can’t just get cash and give the new owner the keys from the place. You need a ton of documents, lawyers, and papers that make the entire thing so boring.

This is one of the reasons why people hire real estate agents. They handle all the paperwork and nothing’s left for the buyer and the seller to deal with.

However, if you want to convince the buyers that everything’s going to go smoothly and without the need of an agent, you’ll need to learn everything about the process. Offer this as your obligation and with it, attract the buyers to buy the house.

4. Place a proper price for it

The price plays a key role in the selling process. You can’t ask for the regular price when you’re in the hurry. If your property is valued at $250,000, and you want to sell it fast, then you’ll need to lower your price drastically. We’re talking about several tens of thousands of dollars lower.

So, if the value is 250, then you’ll need to go with a price of $220,000. This way you’ll attract buyers to jump in the race of who’s going to get it first. They will know that this sum is not going to be there forever, and there’s not too much time to think.

Lots of people see this as a tremendously high loss of money. For some people, $30,000 means a yearly income, and they don’t like to see this money go in the wind. So, they decide to go lower the price a lot less, like $5,000. The problem here is that no one is going to bite the bait for this amount.

5. Dedicate to the selling process as much as possible

One of the main reasons why people hire real estate agents is that sellers can’t dedicate themselves to the selling process entirely. If you want to see your home sold within weeks, get a vacation from the place you work, and entirely dedicate yourself to this task.

Go with the buyers every time they tell you they want to see the place, be available for calls at any time of day and night, and always be ready for whatever clients suggest. Meetings, calls, sightseeing, whatever is on their mind, so they decide to buy it. Finally, don’t forget to have a smile on your face.


If you’re looking for a fast deal, these five tips are crucial to know. You must do some or all of these things if you want to see the place go away from the market list within weeks. Take a look at this article if you want to see some more advice: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/332050.

Understand that making a deal in a day or two is impossible. However, with enough work and dedication, less than a month is a reasonable scenario.

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