A Beginner’s Guide to Water Feature Management

It takes knowledge and skill to manage a local pond or lake. If you are a park manager or a business owner with a water feature, you need to know what it takes to maintain the aquatic health of your pond.

A proactive management plan will go a long way towards keeping the water feature in your park or business healthy and safe. See below for a few tips on pond and lake management.

Maintain the Important Pond or Lake Structures

Stormwater ponds and lakes are an essential part of flood and waste management. However, if there are structures that do not work correctly in your water features, such as pipes, grates or dams, you risk danger to the people and wildlife of your community. If you oversee property with a stormwater pond on it, make sure you spend some time walking around the perimeter every few months. If you see any cracks or broken pipes, reach out to a professional to repair aquatic features. Do not attempt to make repairs yourself, as there can be electrical and biological hazards that you are not aware of.

Keep Vegetation Under Control

The shoreline of your pond or lake needs to be maintained not only for aesthetic reasons but also for environmental ones. If you allow the shore to become overrun with weeds or brush, you increase disease risk and may not comply with your local legislation. Hire professional weed control for lakes to ensure the vegetation on your water feature is not overgrown.

If an issue gets out of hand, for instance, if you notice erosion, constant flooding or poor water quality, hire a professional with advanced equipment. There is a good chance you need to get your pond dredged, but you can avoid such a costly procedure if you act quickly. Reach out to a specialist today and do not wait until a situation gets out of control.

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