Four Global Design Inspirations

Are you looking for ideas to help with your next home makeover? Put down the design magazines and look at your map for some international inspiration. Follow this guide for some of the best home decor designs from around the world.


Home to tech giants like Samsung, Huawei and Toto, Asia has taken the lead in smart home innovations. In an area where space is limited, integrating technology into sleek minimalist design has become a leading trend. To give your home a modern Asian design, look to create clean lines to direct the eyes, and lose unsightly cords with the integration of smart technology that limits the need for crowded outlets. Don’t forget to take advantage of some of the luxurious tech available for a truly upgraded living experience.


When thinking of European interior design, you have to start with French country furniture. Long heralded for its grandeur feel, the French countryside is the perfect place to influence your home makeover. For those looking for a more modern feel, the Scandinavian trend has taken the world of design by storm. Brands like IKEA have changed how designers are talking about home decoration.  European inspiration provides exciting ideas from the luxury to modern to help you design your perfect home.


More than just striking patterns, African interior design is a bold blend of nature, modernity and color. This enormous continent holds plenty of inspiration to make your home redecoration a truly incredible experience. To help get you started, begin by re-thinking how you imagine your space and design. African design trends embrace the details that make each space unique and beautiful. Don’t forget to look at the design trends from all over the continent to help guide you with your home decoration.

South America   

No global tour of interior design would be complete without looking at Latin American designs. From colorful tiles and natural touches to warm welcoming tones, this continent is sure to inspire. The designs here are all about giving your home a personal touch a lavish feel. To get you started with your Latin American inspired redesign, look at the materials in your furniture and fabrics for an authentic touch to your home design.

Whether you choose to make your home an eclectic mix of international inspirations, or a singular design theme, be sure to make it your own. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed as you transform your home.

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