Get ready to pack your bags! The top 6 reasons for relocating to Monaco

It’s a new decade, so perhaps it’s time for a fresh start? If you’re thinking of relocating to Monaco, then check out our top six reasons for relocating to one of the world’s most luxurious destinations. After reading this, we promise you that you’ll be packing your bags!

Top 6 reasons for relocating to Monaco

1 – Mediterranean climes

Imagine year-round sunshine and the warmth of the Mediterranean enveloping you even in winter? Monaco typically enjoys around 300 days of sunshine, and long hot summers. Winters are relatively mild too, with temperatures rarely dipping below 8 C.

Not only does Monaco have an extremely agreeable year-round climate but its wonderful location along the French Riviera means that you can spend one day sunning yourself on the beach and the next enjoying some of the best skiing in the Alps. Indeed, this reason alone is one that people often cite for relocating to Monaco.

2 – Luxurious lifestyle

Known as a billionaire’s playground and with more than 30 percent of the population millionaires, it’s no surprise that those that live in the principality enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, a highly appealing reason for relocating to Monaco.

Residents can enjoy a wide range of first-class amenities and service providers, including lavish hotels, award-winning restaurants, and a vast selection of some of the world’s most luxurious boutiques. Of course, the principality also plays host to some of the world’s most extravagant events, including the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix.

3 – Luxury real estate

It will come as no surprise that Monaco is home to some of the most lavish, and expensive, real estate in the world. Indeed, there is no shortage of superb apartments and penthouses to call home, many of them offering a wonderful range of first-class amenities, including fitness gyms, pools, and concierge services. Many also offer wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea, too.

One development which is eagerly being eyed up by investors looking at relocating to Monaco is the new eco-district of Portier Cove, regarded as one of Europe’s most ambitious projects. This cutting-edge development will not only include a selection of super prime residential apartments, penthouses and villas, but will also include a marina, retail outlets, and ample green spaces.

4 – Favourable tax system

Monaco’s favourable tax system is one of the main reasons why the world’s wealthiest opt to live in Monaco. Indeed, residents of Monaco are not subject to tax on their earnings, ensuring you more money in your pocket. Other tax incentives include no capital gains taxes, wealth taxes, property taxes, or inheritance taxes. Indeed, Monaco’s tax system is one of the key reasons people consider relocating to Monaco.

5 – Excellent education

Monaco offers excellent education, with both French-speaking and English-speaking schools available. The principality has 10 state operated schools, in addition to the International School of Monaco, which offers a bilingual education and is especially popular with those who are relocating to Monaco. Those seeking higher education are well served by the city state’s highly respected International University of Monaco.

6 – Rich culture & heritage

Along with all of the above varied benefits, those relocating to Monaco will also get to enjoy the principality’s rich and varied cultural heritage. Home to a melting pot of cultures and boasting a fascinating history, those in search of culture will not be disappointed. Monaco boasts its own opera and philharmonic orchestra, as well as the award-winning Grimaldi Forum, which hosts a varied roster of events and performances throughout the year.

Ready to pack your bags yet? Make 2020 the year that you relocate to Monaco and start living your best life.

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