How To Get Your Full Deposit Back on a Rental

No matter how long you’ve lived in a home, you likely want your deposit back. The deposit is often a large amount of money that can help offset the cost of moving to your new home. You might think that getting the deposit back is hopeless if you have dirty carpets and walls. However, you can do a few things to help get as much of the deposit back as possible.

Clean Everything

Cleaning the entire home the day you move out is overwhelming. You’re already exhausted and don’t want to go back and clean. That is why you should give yourself about a week’s buffer to get the house clean. If you aren’t able to manage the buffer, then simply start ahead of time.

A few days before the move, start the deep cleaning in most areas. Don’t worry about making the space immaculate. Your property management firm West Chester PA will allow for some marks on the carpet and walls, but you want to get the worst of it cleaned up.

Get everything out of the cupboards to wipe out the insides and empty bathrooms so you can clean them. Deep clean the carpets in rooms that you will no longer be using before you move. When you clean ahead, then you’ll only have to do spot cleaning on moving day.

Pick Up Garbage

Sometimes it can be easy to overlook things that you’ve seen day after day for a long time. Before you move, walk the outside of the property and ensure that you’ve removed all the garbage. The garbage could be a broken hose or flowerpot or household items or kids toys you left on the side of the house and no longer want. It’s going to be in your best interest for you to remove those things yourself. A trip to the dump will be a lot cheaper than getting charged for it by the management company.

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