How to Get Your House Ready to Sell

There are many things that need to be done before placing your home up for sale. Many of these things can be done by you and can be inexpensive. By utilizing some of the most basic, and simple maintenance and repairs, you can get the most out of your home. This will ensure that your home sells quickly, and for the most value. Let’s look at some of the things you can do before selling your home.

Always Paint and Replace Carpet

There is something known as ‘smell blindness’. Many of us do not realize that we are in fact blind to the smell of our own homes. After you have lived in the same home for years, you become indifferent to the scent of your pets, your furniture, and your house. People however, love the smell of a new fresh home. The activity of painting, and placing new carpet, not only repairs imperfections, but also gives the potential buyers the smell of a ‘new’ home.

Check out this article on why we can’t smell our own homes.

Do Not Obsess Over the Market

Many people try to play the market, or time the market. There is very little need to get caught up in this scenario. Simply clean and repair your home and place it in the hands of an experienced realtor to sell. The right buyer will purchase your home during any market rise or fall.

If you do not want to repair your home, and it has significant damage, look to people who advertise things such as: we buy houses, or we pay cash for homes. These people will likely buy your home regardless of the current market.

Make Simple Repairs

Simple repairs are essential to the sale of your home. Always be sure to replace any broken windows or cracked gutters. Also, replace screens that have ripped, and patch holes in any walls. Many people like to give the house an entire once over. You can hire an inspector to ensure that things such as the water heater, and furnace are up to par. If you have issues with either, it will be tough to make the best sell possible. Many of the financing options that people utilize will often not fund the home if these things are not in working order.

You can find more information on the importance of hiring a home inspector by following this link.

Curb Appeal and Lawn Care

Do not underestimate the value of keeping your yard looking great. Many people do not want to drive up to a house and see total disarray in the front yard. Be sure to make the outside of the house as appealing as the inside. There are many simple things you can do to keep the yard looking great.

  • Add plants
  • Keep the grass cut
  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed
  • Add a flag, walkway lights or other decorative addition to the outside of your home

Always be sure to have the roof and any sewer, septic, or well issues resolved also. You can gain more insight to the things you can do to get your home ready by hiring an experienced, and trustworthy realtor.

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