How to Repair Peeling Stucco

Peeling stucco is a common problem in many homes, and it’s usually caused by water damage. If you have peeling stucco, you’ll need to repair it as soon as possible to prevent further damage. In this article, you’ll learn how to repair peeling stucco using a few simple tools and materials.

Remove the Loose Stucco

The first step in repairing peeling stucco is to remove the loose stucco. This can be done with a hammer and chisel, or with a stucco removal tool. Be sure to wear safety goggles and a dust mask while you work. Stucco repair Columbus Ohio is a messy job, and you don’t want to get stucco dust in your eyes or lungs.

Once the loose stucco is removed, you’ll need to clean the area thoroughly. Use a hose to remove any stucco dust and debris, and then let the area dry completely.

Add Builder’s Paper and Mesh

After you have removed the loose stucco, add builder’s paper and mesh over the area. The builder’s paper will help to protect the underlying surface while the mesh will help to hold the stucco in place.

Patch the Hole with Base Coats

Now that you have added the builder’s paper and mesh, it’s time to patch the hole with base coats. The base coats will help to create a smooth surface for the stucco. Be sure to use a level when you apply the base coats, and make sure to overlap the edges of the mesh.

Apply the Finish Coat

After the base coats have dried, it’s time to apply the finish coat. The finish coat will give your stucco a smooth and polished appearance. Be sure to use a level when you apply the finish coat, and make sure to overlap the edges of the mesh.

If you have any questions about how to repair peeling stucco, you should contact a professional stucco contractor. They will be able to help you repair the stucco and prevent future damage.

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