Readying Your Landscape for the Winter

Cold winter weather can be very damaging to your precious landscaping. In order to enjoy your yard once again when the weather warms up, you must do a bit of preparation before it gets cold. This is true even if you are in landscape Boca Raton. Here are some steps you should take to ensure your yard will still look lovely in the spring.

  1. Prepare Your Lawn

To begin, rake any leaves leftover from the fall and remove all debris from your lawn. If left behind, they may stop new grass from growing or kill it completely. Next, cut your grass shorter than you normally would. Ideally, you should cut it around 2 inches in length. Lastly, you should aerate and fertilize your lawn before the first freeze arrives. This is important because as soon as the weather begins to warm up, your lawn can utilize the nutrients.

  1. Protect Your Trees and Shrubs

Mulching around your plants, trees, and shrubs will give them extra protection in cold weather. You should also prune them in late winter. To protect evergreens against water loss, you can apply antitranspirants. You may also use burlap wrapping to stop your evergreens from getting sprayed by salt and hit by winter winds. Also, check for branches that may be susceptible to snow loads, and tie them together. Remove any branches that you suspect may break under pressure.

  1. Minimize Damage From Salt

When road salt comes into contact with your plants and trees, this can cause damage by drawing water away from their roots. You can stop this from happening by flushing out the soil with an abundance of water. It is also helpful if you use calcium or potassium-based de-icer for your driveway or sidewalks and use it sparingly.

All your landscaping needs is a bit of TLC. When the weather warms up, you will be glad that you took care of business.


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