The Many Uses of the Caster Wheel

Most people have heard of the uses for a rigid caster wheel in mechanics and other industries. It is an important tool, used for shaping various objects and for applying torque. It is often used in power drills for various purposes, due to its ability to drill at much faster speeds than drums and driven bits. There are also applications where a wheel is used for shaping something other than wood. Casters are used for shaping metal and plastic by rotating a mandrel on one end while a screw threads on the other.

Used on a Drill Press

The caster wheel is a vital part of the drill press as it enables the operator to cast a precise hole into a hard surface. The process requires that the hole is drilled at a greater diameter than the surface being shaped. This is done by rotating the mandrel at a high speed whilst a screw thread on the other side of the wheel bites into the drilled hole. This allows the plastic or metal to be shaped by pushing it around at the proper rate and speed.

Used in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, the castor wheel is often used to cast wheels for machinery such as brakes, radiators, pumps and air compressors. It is also used to help create a cast to make it easier to remove the brake pads or radiators without having to disassemble the whole engine. This process is known as “casting off.”

Types of Wheels

The most common types of wheel are made from cast aluminum alloy and they can be used with a drill as well as a drill press. They can be used with a drill bit which is a lot smaller than a drill, which enables the user to drill at a greater depth. These types of tools are also very commonly used in woodworking applications and can create holes much larger than those drilled manually using a hand drill. When using a drill press to drill into metal, it is possible to get very good holes that can be drilled quickly and easily.

Now that you are aware of the many uses of the caster wheel, you’ll be able to tell your friends all about them the next time they doubt how many uses you can get out of one. They truly are extraordinary but simple pieces of equipment that help keep this modern world turning.


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