The Ups and Downs of Purchasing Older Homes Versus Construction

Is it time for a new place? Are you ready to expand, adding some rooms for your growing family? Do you want a new neighborhood where the kiddos can play? Many buyers struggle to decide between buying an already established home versus working with builders to construct something new. Both options offer benefits to the owners. Consider the following when weighing your decision.

Perks of New Construction

If you want to build a place, be prepared to wait nine months to a year. The process takes time, and workers must factor in such factors as weather, supplies and permits. Homeowners get to be part of the process, from selecting the floor plan to choosing the aesthetic design of the rooms. It’s a personalized approach that allows you to establish a place that feels like you. Interview several¬†North Florida home builders, determining which one you like best, considering the price, floor layouts and timeline.

You also receive new appliances and builders warranties with the house, hopefully meaning you won’t have any major home repairs anytime soon. Save the paperwork, and be sure to have the place inspected on your own before closing.

Benefits of an Older Home

Selecting an older home¬†also has advantages. For one, you don’t have to wait to move. Instead, you can follow the traditional buy-sell method, closing on your old place and heading straight for the new location. Neighborhoods here are already established, with people who can share community information with you. You may not pick the floor plan, but you can factor remodeling projects into the budget. These can be spaced out, allowing you to spread out funds over the years rather than putting the cost into one mortgage.

No matter which home plan you choose, be sure you love what you pick. Whether the home is newly constructed or previously built, the residence should make you feel at home.

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