Tips for Finding Commercial Construction Companies

If you are working on a commercial construction project, you will eventually have to find a commercial construction company. These companies have different experience and licensing than a general contractor who builds residential homes. Therefore, it may take some research and time to find a great company. These are tips to help you out.

Search for Companies With Commercial Licensing

A commercial license is different than a general contractor’s license. Therefore, when you search for construction services Boston MA, look for companies that the state has approved. Each state has special criteria that must be met to earn these licenses. Your state’s construction licensing department can let you know about the commercial contractors in your area.

You cannot stop at licensing, however. You should also ensure every company on your list is insured. They need to have liability and workers’ compensation insurance. The amount of insurance needs to be sufficient to cover any injuries or property damage that might happen onsite. Get copies of the companies’ licensing and insurance.

Request Bids

First, discuss their experience, skills and references. Then, request bids from different commercial construction contractors. Ask for detailed breakdowns of the costs, including the materials. Learn what quality of materials will be used. Make sure these bids cover the entire project.

Test Their Communication

Ask your list of contractors for a brief meeting. Then, test their communication. Tell them about your project and ask for their opinions and processes. Find out what kind of communication you could expect from them throughout the project. Share your expectations. The company should be willing to adapt to your communication preferences.

Test your rapport in these meetings. Do you feel comfortable asking difficult questions? Do your contractors treat you with respect and kindness? Are they friendly and hardworking? Make sure you are on the same page and have positive interactions.

Don’t settle for the lowest bid or a contractor who is difficult to work with. Find the best contractor available who provides high-quality, reasonably-priced work.

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