Tips for Selling Your Home to а Private Buyer

Selling your home to real estate agencies and private buyers is entirely different. You need to know how to do it properly when you’re selling to an agency, but you also need to have some skills and understanding of the selling process to a private entity.

In this article, we’re going to show you what you need to know before you indulge yourself in this process. Follow up and see these couple of tips if you want to know more about how to sell your home to a private person!

Prepare the home for sale

You can’t sell a dirty house full of issues. Everything must be in order. In other words, before listing it for sale, you need to take care of the issues that you might have lived over the years but didn’t really bother you. See more about this here.

Clean it thoroughly. Call a cleaning firm if it is needed, or do it yourself, but do it so it comes out sparkling clean. Fix some of the old issues. Loosen handle on a door, cracks in the wall paint, and everything else that there might come to the eye of the buyer.

Make some HQ pics

When you list the home, you need to make some perfect pictures so you can grab even the pickiest of buyers. A good high-quality picture goes a long way. Even if the entire place is not looking fabulous, a good photographer will turn it into a spectacle.

This will make customers come and see it. The more customers see it, the better chances you have to sell it for the desired price.

Evaluate the market

It’s important to do your own research about the market. See how the prices go and what makes your home value. Make sure you’re within the range so you can compete with the other. If you overprice it, you’ll never sell it. If you underprice it, you’ll sell it immediately, but you’ll earn way less then you should.

Have in mind that agents always take a cut of the selling/buying process. Their usual rate is around 6% of the entire sum. You can cut these 6% and offer the house for a different price which will make you more competitive. Or, you can keep these six percent within the price, and be closer to the competition and earn more. See more about this here:

Think about hiring an attorney

There’s a reason why people hire agents. They are responsible for all the paperwork and finishing the process legally. However, this is not an issue you can’t do yourself. You can hire a lawyer that will officially prepare the contract on which both parties agree.

The sum for the lawyer is much lower than it will be for letting agents do the job. If the average price of a house in Belfast is around £160,000, then that’s £9,600. That’s a lot of money to just give it away to someone for doing almost nothing for you.

List the house online and wait for a buyer

There are lots of web pages providing FSBO. FSBO stands for – For Sale by Owner. This is a place where people list their homes and buyer come to buy without the need for agents and mediation. If you’re in the hurry, you can just check type in and search property buyers NI on google and find out where you can sell your home right away. There are many buyers who are buying immediately and then resell the property on their own.

Once you do it, you’ll see people calling you on the phone or writing an email to see the house. If you have overpriced the home based on your research, maybe you’ll need to drop the price a little. If you see a lot of people calling and are interested, be sure that you’ll be rich in no time.


As you can see, selling and buying real estate without an agent is a piece of cake. Living in Belfast means there’s always someone who wants to sell and buy. The market is always active and never sleeps. If you do proper research and follow the tips we mentioned above, you’ll sell your home fast and for a great price.

Investors in Portland also buy homes fast. If you’re in a hurry, this is your best option. Another great advantage with investors is they buy homes as is. This will save you time and money in the long run. Not to mention the fact that since they invest on the regular, they know how to get the process done quickly and efficiently.

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