Visiting Suffolk, Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia is a beautiful place to visit. With pretty beaches on its coastline and the majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, there’s something for everybody. As one of the former 13 colonies, Virginia is fascinating for history buffs, especially Colonial Williamsburg. There is a city you may not be familiar with that is nevertheless a nice place to visit.

Suffolk, VA

Virginia’s city of Suffolk, located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, is unique in that it is independent. Suffolk does not belong to any of Virginia’s counties. It’s a small city but has a vibrant downtown area with good restaurants and quaint little shops that are fun to poke around in.

Should you fall in love with the city and decide you’d like to live there, you can check out the Suffolk real estate market. With a median annual household income of $73,917, residents of this fair city generally enjoy a good quality of life.

Things to Do in Town

For tourists visiting Suffolk, there is plenty to do. Foodies who visit in the spring can check out Suffolk Restaurant Week. Held in March, this celebration of local eateries features nationally acclaimed restaurants as well as local secrets that will have your mouth watering.

If your interests lean toward the intellectual, the Suffolk Literary Club and Public Library may be more your speed. The club has existed for 125 years and frequently features lectures and Q&A sessions with local and national authors.

Outdoorsy types can go boat on one of Suffolk’s many waterways, visit the Great Dismal Swamp, or enjoy a round of golf on one of the gorgeous local courses.

If you’re looking for a travel destination that’s a little off the beaten path but still has plenty to offer, consider visiting Suffolk. It truly is among the best that Virginia has to offer.

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