What are the benefits of fiberglass insulation

These days, most homeowners in the United States of America are opting to insulate their home’s attics with fiberglass. This type of insulation is not only among the best attic insulators but also among the most affordable.

Some benefits of fiberglass insulation include:

Moisture and fire-resistant

One of the risks involved with owning a home is the potential for damage to property brought about by natural calamities. Luckily, in case of flood or fire, you can depend on fiberglass to resist them. Fiberglass is not perfectly waterproof and thus can become damp. However, it neither retains nor holds water, making it easy to dry and fix it back in the attic. Moreover, fiberglass is good at moisture resistance, meaning that you will not have to worry about mildew or mold growth on it.

Fiberglass is noncombustible, a coveted attribute since, in most cases, installing attic insulation requires lining material within wooden joists.

Easy to Install

Whereas fixing some popular insulators in your attic is challenging, installation of fiberglass batts is relatively easy. The batts are designed such that they are of a similar width to the distance between wall studs.

Available in loose-fill form too

Although batts are often easy to fix, the task might turn to more challenging for attics with:

  • Cooling and heating units on the ground
  • Pipes on the walls
  • Less headroom and crawl space to maneuver around
  • Cumbersome spaces between joists

Luckily, one can avoid the challenge of fiberglass batts dicing to specific sizes by opting for loose-fill insulation.


Despite fiberglass products being outstanding attic insulators, one cannot see it in the price. In some cases, you can obtain it under a dollar for each square foot. The cost and energy savings make fiberglass insulation an ideal option for home insulation compared to foam.

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