Why You Should Hire a Land Surveyor

Do you want to build something on your land but you are a complete novice when it comes to construction? What is land surveying and why do you need to do it?

If you need an experienced land surveyor in Utah county, you finding one will not be too difficult. However, you must answer all the necessary questions before hiring a land surveyor.

What is land surveying?

Land surveying is both a technique and a profession. It is a science that deals with determining the 3D position of points, as well as the distances and angles in between. These points are then used to create land maps and establish ownership boundaries, locations of the building, and other factors of construction.

When do I need a land surveyor?

Many instances require you to hire a land surveyor, such as when you:

  • Buy land
  • Sell land
  • Divide land
  • Start a construction
  • Resolve property conflict

Why do I need land surveying?

Land surveying has many uses and benefits, but why do you need to have land surveying done on your property? These benefits may shed further light on the necessity:

  • Buying land. Surveying a land before buying is imperative if you want to make sure of a couple of things before finalization. A land survey can reveal important factors of the property, such as the property lines, accurate acreage, and the flood susceptibility of the land. In any case, you will be able to determine if the property is under- or overvalued, which you can use to decide if you will proceed with the purchase.
  • Selling land. If you are selling land, a proper survey can give buyers a more accurate description of the property. Doing this will not only increase trust between you and the buyer but also set a more precise price for your land, based on what the survey reveals.
  • Dividing land. If you own a large plot of land and want it subdivided into smaller lots, a land survey can help you divide it according to local zoning laws and regulations. Proper division of property is essential to avoid conflict between landowners or inheritors in the future.
  • Preparation for construction. Architects and engineers give you the building’s design, but you need a land surveyor to help you optimize the placement of the building on your lot.
  • Checking topographical details. A land surveyor can determine if the property has soil and structural problems.
  • Conflict resolution. Property lines are always a sensitive matter among neighbors. And more often than not, it can cause rifts between two homeowners who would otherwise be good friends. To avoid conflict, a land surveyor should help determine where the property lines are so that you and your neighbor know where your properties end.
  • New constructions. Many cities require a land survey before an additional structure can be built (e.g. garage, guest house, etc.)

Whatever your intention might be; whether to sell land or start construction, it pays to have land surveying done before anything else. In some cases, land surveying is not mandatory but rather an advantageous option. But for other cases, it is required by the law. To be sure, always check your local laws regarding land surveying.

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