Window Coverings Trends – What’s Next?

Bold prints, patterns, and energy-efficient window treatments are some of the current trends in window coverings. What’s next? Like window coverings newmarket, bold prints and patterns are not necessarily the latest trends but are worth paying attention to. And don’t forget about the importance of texture when selecting window treatments. Fabric, for example, can be an excellent option. In addition, these materials are also very versatile.

Bold prints

Patterned fabrics add visual interest to any room. They complement any color palette, while neutrals are more versatile. Patterned fabrics are ideal for rooms with a neutral color scheme, while bold prints can be eye-catching. Printed window treatments are on-trend and can enhance any room. Bold prints are available in various colors and designs, and they can be used for curtains, drapery, or roman shades.

She balanced patterns and scales in Heidi Caillier’s Fox Island home to create a harmonious look. Summer Thornton chose curtains two shades lighter than the walls, and the lower trim matches her de Gournay damask wallcovering. As a result, the look is sophisticated and fun. Bold prints are a bold statement, but they don’t have to dominate the room.

Energy-efficient window treatments

While you might not realize it, replacing your old windows can increase your home’s value and energy efficiency. Plus, new windows are a focal point in any room and can refresh the entire decor. At Thompson Creek, we specialize in providing window replacement services. Here are a few of the latest trends to look out for when replacing your old windows. Then, read on to discover how you can save money on your new window treatments.

One of the best ways to make your windows more energy-efficient is to use window coverings made of natural materials. Honeycomb shades, for example, trap air inside their tiny pockets, minimizing heat transfer through the window. Not only will this increase the comfort level in your home, but it will also reduce your energy bills. Of course, all window treatments can improve your home’s energy efficiency. But if you want a more dramatic change, go for window drapes. They’re classic window treatments and can help you save money on energy bills and add curb appeal.

Layered treatments

This trend is not only attractive, but it’s also convenient. Layered treatments offer a variety of benefits, such as privacy, shade, and light filtering. Before deciding which window coverings to layer, however, consider what your needs are. For example, do you need blackout shades, or is it all about decorative patterns? A professional designer can help you determine what’s most important for you.

Layered treatments offer a unique opportunity to play with color. Depending on how you layer them, you can add subtle pops of color or pattern. For example, a contemporary room may include a pair of blackout Roman Shades. A similar look could be achieved by using a single blackout Roman Shade. However, a more traditional approach would use multiple shades, with the top shade mounted inside the window frame.


Consider choosing patterns more significant than the window’s width if you have a large room. For example, a half-drop repeat pattern is obvious. This fabric repeats in a circled floral section. Another option is a zig-zag pattern. The same principle applies to roman shades. To use a larger pattern, coordinate the fabric across the pleats and seams to create a seamless appearance.

While it is possible to find ready-made window coverings with matching patterning, you can also find custom-made patterns. These are much more unique than those found in stores. If you are unsure how to select a fabric, you can hire a pattern-matching specialist to help you. High Country Drapery Design is an excellent example of a company that cares about matching fabrics. Its sewists are highly skilled and consider all the details.

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