Wood choices for Outdoor Projects

Selecting the right kind of wood for your project can make all the difference to its success. When considering outdoor projects, knowing the properties of the wood can help you with your choice. When items are exposed to the elements, they need to be durable.

  1. Teak 

Teak is an expensive wood, but that price can be worth it in the right circumstances. It can naturally repel insects and water. This wood doesn’t warp, shrink, and crack with changes in humidity. It also has a very attractive, golden, straight-grained appearance. It can also end up having a lovely blackish hue with the right conditions. You can also get the wood from many sustainable companies. This makes it an environmentally sound choice as well. Its natural beauty is perfect for small wood projects.

  1. Acacia 

The hardwood that comes from the acacia tree is resistant to water, sunlight, and many other environmental dangers. Insects are not quick to feast on it and it will probably not have noticeable amounts of decay for a long time. This wood is also very cheap because of its abundance in nature and fast rate of growth. Acacia may work well for a floating deck system and is durable.

  1. White Oak

Where red oak is porous, white oak is much less so. It is very strong and straight-grained, so you can stain it to whatever shade you prefer. This makes it a good choice for larger projects such as outdoor furniture or a deck.

  1. Pressure-Treated Pine

If you want an inexpensive wood that is readily available at most home centers, you may want to go with pressure-treated pine. This wood is easy to work with and can be painted or stained if you don’t care for the natural color.

Based on the outdoor project you are working on, there are many types of wood that you can use. Make your selection and soon you’ll proudly be showing off your finished item.

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