Reasons Your Lawn Is Dying

You put a lot of work into ensuring your property looks good, and when your lawn looks good, you feel good, and your self-esteem soars. That’s why it’s so hard when things start to go south. You might see some yellowing grass or some weird holes in the ground. When that happens, you need to know what to do to save your lawn. Here are some of the reasons your lawn could be dying.

Too Much Water

Did you know that you can actually kill a lawn with too much water? Even if you live in an extremely hot climate, your grass doesn’t need obscene amounts of water. If you’re watering every day, you’ll want to cut back. Grass grows much better when you give it a longer soak multiple times a week. The longer waterings will allow the water to penetrate deeper into the roots, which helps keep it moist during hot days and continually feeds the grass instead of evaporating off the surface.

Bug Infestation

Another reason that your grass could be dying is that you have a bug infestation. If you notice odd holes around your yard or see bite marks on the blades of grass, you probably have a bug problem. Additionally, if you notice birds and animals searching dead patches of grass more than usual, they’re likely looking for grubs to eat. When this happens, call an invasive species control Sarasota County FL. No matter what bug might be killing your lawn, they’ll be able to figure out which it is and address the issue correctly.

Packed Soil

When the soil in your lawn gets packed down from constant traffic from mowing or kids playing in the yard, the grass’s roots don’t have room to grow and get thicker. If the problem gets too bad, your grass could die. To help prevent this, you can use either a mechanical aerator or a chemical one. The aeration creates holes in the ground that allow for more airflow, which means increased absorption of water and nutrients and healthier grass.

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