Commercial Roofing Tips: Should You Go for Roof Restoration or Roof Replacement?

Do you love your commercial roof and want to keep it looking brand new? We understand you. A good entrepreneur will not take its roof for granted. Because you want to take care of your business, you also want to make sure your roof is in good condition for a long time. But what if your roof starts to leak and show some signs of damage? Will you get a commercial roof replacement right away? Or will you check for commercial roof restoration services first? Read further and learn what option is best for your commercial roof.

Commercial Roof Restoration

A thorough roof inspection is the sole deciding factor for this option. If you are confident that your roof is still in good condition and that leaks and cracks are still unremarkable, this may be your top resolve. Commercial roof restoration is all about reconditioning your roof. Our professional roofing contractors will apply a resilient waterproof coating to an existing roof to extend your roof’s life cycle. If you own a building with a flat roof or low-slope roof, consider treating your rooftops with a roofing restoration system. Have a look at the finest commercial roof restoration services in Vancouver today!

Commercial Roof Replacement

A total roof replacement means that your commercial roofing is in bad shape and does not pass for a commercial roof restoration. What does out-of-condition roofing represent? Check for the following signs:


       visible cracks

       deteriorating flashing

       multiple leaks

       bent gutter

       loosened shingles

       moist insulation


How do we replace your roof? Our trained roofers follow a simple but effective method in roof replacement. First, we remove existing roofing material and then we apply minor repairs where the roof is in a good working state. We also put an ice dam in areas that need it. Next, we apply asphalt paper over your roofing sheath to form a blockade that inhibits water from penetrating into your interiors. The rest of the application includes as listed below:


       a metal drip edging around the roof, if the building’s design allows it

       flashing—on areas that allow water in (around your chimney, stack vent, or skylight)

       a ridge vent to complete the replacement process


After installing the roof replacement, our roofers will clean up the areas and clear out debris. To ensure that our roof replacement system is perfect, our roofers will not leave your property before doing a final inspection. If you want to know the cost of a commercial roof replacement, call us today and get your free estimate. If you want to learn how a roof-replacement process applies to your building’s specific needs, get in touch with your trusted commercial roofing replacement contractor today.

Got a damaged commercial roof?

We can help you in every way! Our Commercial Roofing page narrates the top-notch services of commercial roof replacement Vancouver can deliver. If you have a roof-related emergency, our commercial roof contractors are also available to serve you anytime, 24/7. Send us your message or give us a call—whatever suits you! 

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