Tips for Roof Maintenance in the Winter

Changing seasons bring changing problems. One challenge that is especially prolific is protecting your home throughout the colder season. For millions of people, winter is that time of year when the salt, snowblowers and other various tools are dusted off to combat snowy weather. Here are some tips for properly carrying out your roof snow removal plans.

Know the Forecast

Know what the weather is going to look like after a snowstorm to avoid futile effort. There’s no sense in shoveling right after a snowstorm if more is coming soon. At the same time, don’t let the snow pile too high. The weight of the snow alone can damage your house.

Beware the Ice Dam

When snow builds excessively on your roof, it can create problems with ice. An ice dam forms when some of the snow on a heated building melts, travels to the edge of the roof and freezes again. When the icicle eventually breaks, it can tear portions of your gutter off with it, not to mention the danger it poses if it were to fall on someone.

Use Good Posture

When lifting anything, even snow, be mindful of using the proper technique: Lift with your legs. This reduces the strain you put on your back when moving heavy amounts of snow and prevents you from developing cramps or back pains.

Get a Plastic Shovel

Metal shovels are too risky to use on your roof. They could easily damage the structure and cause a leak, which is the last thing you want in the middle of a harsh winter. To avoid all risk, contact a snow removal professional for help.

Preparedness is paramount when winter comes. As long as you know what equipment to use, maintain a routine and do your research, you can avoid so much frustration in the aftermath of any snowstorms.

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