Tips for Your Roofing Project

Many homeowners don’t know what’s expected when undertaking a roofing project, which can lead to costly mistakes. Before you take on a home roofing project, here are some tips to follow to help the project go as smoothly as possible.

Clean Your Attic

Before you get started, you want to ensure your valuables are safe from any potential damage or debris. Remove any valuables that may be stowed away in your attic and place them in an alternate location until your roofing project is complete. Most roofing contractors Killeen TX will lay down plastic or cover insulation to protect it while working, but it can make their job easier if you help them out by removing as much clutter as possible.

Remove Distractions 

While you love your children and pets, they can be a nuisance for contractors who are trying to safely get your roofing project done. Keep your children and pets away from the crew so they aren’t a distraction or in the way of falling debris.

Move Vehicles

Make the crew’s job easier by moving your vehicles away from the construction site. Parking on the street for a few days is a courtesy they’ll appreciate because it will make it easier for them to unload shingles and store construction equipment without the added worry of hitting your car

Give Your Neighbors Notice

All construction projects produce noise, and roofers need an early start to beat the sun and heat of the day. While giving your neighbors a heads up that there will be early morning noise outside their window isn’t a necessity, it’s a courtesy they’ll likely appreciate, especially if they have young children or pets who may be sensitive to loud sounds.

Being prepared for your roofing project can save you time and unnecessary expenses, and give you peace of mind knowing there won’t be any safety concerns.

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