The Best Kitchen Interior Styles and Designs in St. Louis

When it comes to kitchen interior design, St. Louis area, there are several styles and trends to consider. The styles can be anything from a rustic, modern style to an Art Deco design. But which is right for your home? Fortunately, there are many designers to choose from, and they can help you find one that matches your taste and budget.

Art Deco style

A luxurious Art Deco-style kitchen can include a combination of bold colors and traditional elements. Its lavish design can include a colorful backsplash, dramatic flooring choices, and sculptural elements. The slick shapes of the bar stool add a touch of glamour to the space. The rest of the kitchen can be a more neutral space, but you can still use the Art Deco style to your advantage.

For more information on the Art Deco style, you can visit some websites from which you can get ideas. Some firms also offer a range of services, including interior design, residential design, and color consultation. Others offer custom furniture and holiday design. Some of these companies’ showrooms feature a wide variety of furniture and fabric choices and an ever-changing inventory.

Rustic style

For the ultimate in rustic style kitchen decor, look for items that convey warmth. Think wood paneling or pastoral paintings. Use darker shades of gray to balance out more classical pieces. Stores and other places will carry rustic pieces, but find unique ones that stand out from the crowd. Take your time to shop and consider your preferences.

Rustic design is characterized by mixing wood and metals. Natural wooden color and a weathered metal accent can bring a contrasting feel to a space. Wood panels, metal pendant lights, and copper pots are all great accents. Antique hardware is also a great choice to add rustic flair.

Modern style

If you are considering a modern-style kitchen design for your home, you have many options to choose from. You can consult with an interior designer or a kitchen designer. Some designers specialize in particular styles, including modern ones. Others may offer more general designs. You can also choose between a contemporary and a traditional look. Regardless of your style preferences, a designer will be able to create a design that is both functional and beautiful.

For the design of your new kitchen, consider choosing materials that are warm and modern. For example, solid walnut slab-door cabinetry combines clean lines with natural warmth. The cabinets feature an integrated coffee station, an ice machine, and a wine chiller/cooler. The cabinets also feature open glass shelves. The cabinetry hardware was selected to complement the look. Matte black pulls and matte brass handles give the look a contemporary touch. Black gooseneck faucets with brass accents are also a great choice. The backsplash outlet covers are also brass. Lastly, leather stools with brass accents complete the look.

Black-and-white design

If you’re looking for a striking kitchen design, consider a black-and-white design. The color contrasts beautifully with the white subway tile that stretches from floor to ceiling. The addition of brass hardware adds warmth and visual interest. Cabinets with glass doors offer light and space, while quartz countertops with veins mimic marble.

A black-and-white kitchen design is versatile and easy on the eye. It provides sharp contrast and works well with other colors, such as wood and metallics. It’s also a timeless choice and can work well in both modern and period properties. While black and white are a classic choice, you can experiment with your palette by adding splashes of color with accent pieces and lighting. This collection will inspire you to add your own personal touch to your kitchen.

Galley design

If you have a large kitchen, you may want to consider a galley design. Although this design may be a bit cramped, it can still be functional and stylish. Its traditional design has upper and lower cabinets on each side. This layout can also accommodate a dining room.

A galley kitchen is small, but you can make it appear larger by using light colors, stainless steel countertops, and glass-front cabinets. You can also add a colorful backsplash to give the impression of a larger space. You can also remove the upper cabinets to make the area feel more open. Another great way to create an illusion of a bigger space is to extend the tile from the counter to the ceiling.

Although the galley design is smaller than a traditional kitchen, you can still stack shelving as high as the ceiling to create more storage space. This design also allows multiple cooks to work at once. It can also create a cozy atmosphere for cooking.

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