Top 3 Reasons to Appraise Your Home

The real estate market is constantly changing. Home values rise and fall with the season, interest rates, inventory, and more. Your home is ultimately worth what a buyer is willing and able to pay for it. However, the only definitive way to know market value is by having an appraisal done. There are many reasons to have a home appraised.

Settling Estates

If a home is part of an estate, you will likely need to know real property values Orleans MA. Anyone who has been named executor of an estate knows that settling is a complex process. The value of all property is used to pay taxes and file paperwork. The value is also important if profits are being split among several heirs.


Appraisals are a vital part of the selling process. Some sellers have their own homes appraised to set a list price. Appraisals are especially helpful if the property is unique. Any buyers using a loan will most likely be required to get an appraisal by their lender. The appraisal will be an assurance that the home value is enough collateral for the loan. If a buyer wants to purchase a home for over the appraised amount, they will have to pay the difference in cash.


The refinancing process is very similar to the selling process. Even though you already have a loan on your house, your lender will reverify the information. They’ll check for changes in your qualifications and the value of your home. The new appraisal will factor in changes in market conditions and property conditions since your loan was initially closed.

With neverending fluctuations in the housing market, an appraisal is the best way to know the real value of your home. A professional can determine your home’s worth for settling estates, selling, and refinancing.


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