2 Cleaning Tips for Different Furniture Materials

Buying new furniture is an exciting part of adding character, personality and style to your home. Whether you fancy leather, suede, fabric or something totally different, you have lots of options for furniture material. While shopping for furniture is a lot of fun, cleaning is another important aspect of maintaining your furniture for many years. A lot of people focus on furnishing their inside living spaces, but you can turn your outside living environment into an oasis of comfort with pieces from the Charming Bench Company, too. Here are two types of outdoor furniture materials and some tips to keep them clean.

  1. Canvas

This type of material is commonly used with patio umbrellas but can be prone to mold and mildew if you don’t keep up with its cleanliness. You can keep your patio umbrella clean by opening up your umbrella and washing it down with warm water and white vinegar. After using a brush or rag to clean the umbrella, follow the cleaning procedure up with a hose wash, and you can let it dry out in the sun.

  1. Fabric

Bean bag outdoor chairs are super comfy and cute to have in your outdoor space. However, they’re made out of outdoor fabrics and can end up harboring bad odors and mildew if you don’t attend to them properly. To clean a bean bag, it’s best to remove the outer covering and soak the fabric. Check out your fabric bean bag instructions too because you may be able to put the fabric covering in the wash on a delicate cycle.

Having lots of choices with anything is exciting but can backfire if you don’t know how to maintain all your different types of fabric on your furniture. However, by knowing your fabrics, you can keep furniture looking like new for an ample amount of time.


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