4 Tips To Create an Ideal Layout for Your Home’s Exterior Lighting

Whether you are building a new home or wish to improve your current one, outdoor lighting is a worthwhile addition to consider. Not only can exterior lighting make your home safer by illuminating walkways and deterring break-ins, it may also draw attention to your property’s most attractive features. Consider a few tips that may help you make the most of your exterior lighting Winter Park.

  1. Keep It Simple 

Remember that a little light goes a long way. For one thing, placing too many lights around your home is expensive. You must make the initial purchase, pay installation fees and cover month-to-month electricity expenses. On top of that, too much light may make it hard for you or your neighbors to sleep.

  1. Know Your Options

It’s also important that each light you install is the best type for a specific area. Outdoor lights come in multiple varietes: flood, wash, garden, bullet and downlight. Consider the purpose each one will serve before deciding on models. To highlight shorter plants, try garden lights. To add a soft glow around your house, opt for wash lights.

  1. Choose Long-Lasting Bulbs

Changing each of the bulbs in your exterior lighting layout may be time-consuming. Consider investing a bit more in the initial bulb purchase so that the bulbs last longer. Halogen, fluorescent and incandescent may be good options.

  1. Adjust Each Light Carefully

Finally, be sure to take your time to move each and every light around until you find its optimal angle. Skipping this step may leave you with a bright light shining through your bedroom window at night.

Outdoor lighting can add a great deal to a home’s appearance, sense of security and potentially its resale value. With a strong game plan and the help of installation specialists, you can design a lighting layout that makes your space feel complete.


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