5 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door

Did you know that the average modern garage door can last between 15 and 20 years? Even if you have a high-quality garage door that is meant to stand up against the test of time, it will require that you conduct some maintenance on it. This is especially the case before and during those hot, humid summer months. Here are some ways you can keep your garage door in good shape beyond garage door spring repair Austin.

Inspect Hardware 

Check to make sure that the hardware on the door is in good condition. If you notice that there’s a great deal of wear and tear on it, then it’s a good idea to repair or replace those pieces. Check that no hinges are loose and that there are no bolts missing, as well as if the track is in alignment. When you ensure that this hardware is a proper working condition, the door should open and close smoothly.

Lubricate Hardware 

An easy way to keep the garage door operating to the best of its ability is to lubricate all of its hardware. This will eliminate screeches and other loud noises as you open and close the door. The best thing to use is a 3-in-1 type of oil. Whatever you do, make sure that you avoid using grease on your garage door.

Wash the Garage Door 

It’s ideal to wash your garage door during the summer months. This helps remove grease, grime, and dirt that tends to build up over the months. It’s simple to do so with some water and a mild household detergent on aluminum and steel doors.

Paint Your Door 

Once your garage door is adequately washed, you might want to give it a bright touch-up with a fresh coat of paint. Get the same color that you currently have to enhance the appearance, or go for a new color so that it stands out more.

Insulate to Prevent Heat Issues

Garage door insulation is great for winter, but it’s also important for the summer months. This is because you may want to exercise in your garage or just go through your storage or work on your vehicle there. When you have proper insulation and air conditioning for your garage during the summer, it keeps you as comfortable as possible.

Give your Pflugerville garage door repair and regular care all throughout the year, with consideration for certain things that affect it (and you) in the summer. You’ll see the difference when you improve the lifespan and performance of the door.


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