Do I Need a Topographic Survey Before Buying Land?

Investing in a land development project can seem like a daunting task. Hundreds of things can go wrong, and it always costs more than you think. However, enjoying the fruits of your labor and seeing the completed project makes every obstacle you overcome worth it.

Entire books can and have been written on just one aspect of land development. This article will attempt to briefly introduce one factor you need to consider before buying a piece of land for large land development Arizona. Please keep reading to learn more about water runoff on development properties and how to determine whether work needs to be done on it.

The Basic Process

The first step you need to take is to hire a professional for a topographical survey. The survey produces a topographic map that indicates where water might flow. Your main concern is pollution control and whether rainwater will run into a neighbor’s yard.

If the survey reveals a potential problem with your property, usually there is a solution available in the form of retaining walls, drainage swells, storm ponds or other artificial and natural configurations. This will, of course, add to the expense of your development project. If you do not amend the drainage issue, the locality may not allow your project to continue.

Besides runoff, you need to test for contaminants in the soil. A soil engineer can test for toxins like arsenic, radon or lead. Once the levels are confirmed to be acceptable, the next phase in your building project can begin.

Testing the integrity of your soil extensively before building on it is essential to the land development project. If the ground is found to be unsuitable for building on, you risk losing the value of your investment. This is why it is crucial to spend sufficient time and money on runoff and soil tests before committing to a land deal.

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