What You Need To Know About Becoming a General Contractor

Those who are interested in leadership and working with their hands may be drawn to a career as a general contractor. While there are many positions that may help future contractors gain the knowledge and experience they need to be successful, becoming a general contractor is not something you accomplish without added effort and research. From earning your Delaware contractor license to effectively managing your crew, thriving as a contractor requires a great deal of preparation.

What Do General Contractors Do?

Also known as a prime contractor, a general contractor is essentially a manager who ensures construction projects progress as they should. Like most management positions, this job involves a wide range of responsibilities. Contractors must be able to work with numbers and logistics, for instance, in order to offer clients accurate cost estimates. Similarly, they ensure that workers have access to the equipment they need and that projects stay on schedule. Additionally, this role requires interpersonal skills, as contractors frequently work alongside subcontractors and must communicate effectively.

Are There Legal Requirements Involved?

The rules regarding general contractors vary from state to state. In many locations, these professionals must obtain a license. To become licensed, contractors may need to take a test that covers subjects such as maintaining a safe construction site, adhering to labor laws, and managing money. On top of that, general contractors frequently have to purchase business insurance, invest in a contractor license bond, submit financial records, and complete a background check.

How Can You Practically Prepare for Your Career?

Because being a contractor requires a diverse skillset, it’s important that you gain relevant experience before starting down this career path. Consider taking courses in subjects such as business and finance, for instance. It is also critical that you have in-depth, hands-on knowledge of construction.

Although the road to becoming a general contractor can be a relatively long one, it leads to a rewarding career. These professionals make a lasting impact in their communities while getting to be their own boss.


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